staffies- donuts2smaller.jpg

Some of Sunday's staffies included these delicious donuts.  For those who don't know staffies are our staff meals(cooked by our talented chefs), provided to staff at the beginning/end of their shifts.  You'll find that staffies usually consist of chef specialities and sometimes of food they have grown up with using ingredients that are leftover from the night before or alike.

Cynthia Thai
Chef's Menu Dessert:
rice pudding with mango sorbet, mango and passionfruit

Pictured is our this weeks dessert on our chef's menu, rice pudding with mango sorbet(house made), mango, passionfruit and meringue.  With juicy sweet mangoes in season, we're really making the most of a bumper yellow mango season!  Using Northern Territory Kensington Pride mangoes with sweet and tangy flavour and juicy flesh.  A really lovely dish to finish off a delicious meal with.

Loving our Calamari
southern calamari, fregola, ink, lardo, peas.jpg

Pictured is our southern calamari, fregola, ink, lardo, peas.  A deliciously grilled calamari for our seafood lovers!  Perfect as an entree to our pastas or mains.  You'll find some of the best contemporary Italian dishes in Waterloo!

Cynthia Thai